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SOA Top or Bottom? · John Crupi writes that SOA de­ploy­ments should be top-down, “problem to ar­chi­tec­ture to solution”. He specif­i­cal­ly says that wrap­ping ex­ist­ing tech­nol­o­gy de­ploy­ments in a Web Ser­vices wrap­per is a “perfect recipe for a SOA failure”. Hm­m... these are strong claim­s, rad­i­cal I think, and fur­ther­more, quite new to me. And thus worth point­ing to.
Good Question · Brad DeLong, an economist and aw­ful­ly good writ­er to whom I’ve been sub­scribed for a long time, rais­es a sim­ple but aw­ful­ly good ques­tion about Mi­crosoft. Check out his table; it’s ac­tu­al­ly the SG&A line that has my head shak­ing.
Featherweight Meme Propagation · That (ex­treme­ly lightweight, I thought) Blogging’s Not Danger­ous piece has now been trans­lat­ed in­to French, Span­ish, Ital­ian, Fin­nish, and Ger­man. A few of them (grum­ble, grum­ble) skip the caveats in fron­t, the trail­ing re­marks on pol­i­cy, and the sus­pi­cious con­clu­sion about me­dia cov­er­age. I know, I’ll go write a Busi­ness Book en­ti­tled Eleven Les­sons For Suc­cess From the Bl­o­go­sphere and make mil­lion­s, I tell you, mil­lion­s. But, just be­cause I thought it was a facile lit­tle squib doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t thank those kind peo­ple for read­ing and trans­lat­ing it; and I do.
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