“AJAX” is a convenient label for the architecture of applications like Google Maps and Visual Net from Antarctica Systems (which I founded). There’s nothing wrong with the idea. But Sam Ruby spots SAJAX, one of the first toolkits, going horribly off the rails, as in empowering the theft of money from your grandmother’s bank account. What Sam said. [Update: Thomas Lackner, SAJAX guy, writes on the subject of Sam’s note: “As per his suggestions I’ve added POST support to version 0.10 and posted a sticky thread on the message board advising users when it is best to use POST instead of GET. If you, as a wizard, have any other suggestions for the toolkit or know anyone who would like to contribute a Java/J2EE backend (sadly missing), I’d appreciate it.”] [Update again: Sam’s unconvinced.]

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March 16, 2005
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