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Things That Just Work: CVS · I’m work­ing on a Java.net project that we’re get­ting ready to de-cloak, and I agreed to fix up some of the files. So I looked at the set­up in­struc­tion­s, and the command-line CVS here on my Mac worked first time, and the whole thing checked out no prob­lem, and there I was do­ing up­date and diff and com­mit. Things aren’t per­fec­t; Java.net seems to run aw­ful­ly slow some­times. But it’s so great when things that are sup­posed to plug to­geth­er just plug to­geth­er and work.
Things That Just Work: SubEthaEdit · Last week Si­mon Phipps and I were work­ing on some­thing that had to be done by the end of that day, and he pinged me “Got SubEthaEdit?”. I do, and I’ve used it oc­ca­sion­al­ly when sit­ting around a ta­ble with some peo­ple, but he said “Point it at my server.” I hadn’t re­al­ized how smooth­ly this worked across the In­ter­net, but we both got our hands on the doc­u­ment at the same time (he in Southamp­ton, I in Van­cou­ver) and we worked out the prob­lems and got the job done, no fuss no muss. Is there any­thing sim­i­lar on Win­dows or Lin­ux/Unix, or even bet­ter cross-platform? Be­cause it’s pret­ty se­ri­ous mag­ic. [Up­date: Robert Chas­sell writes to say that Emacs has been able to do this for years, al­though the func­tions hav­ing names like talk-connect and make-frame-on-display has prob­a­bly not helped the up­take.] [Hsui-Fan Wang and one oth­er per­son whose email I lost wrote to point out MoonEdit].
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