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800x600x42" · My PowerBook screen has suddenly and without warning frapped out. This is disturbing as I have some short-term deliverables, like Monday. Outboard screens work, so I’m OK at the office, but my DVI-to-VGA dongle is out on loan, so at home I’m reduced to using the only DVI device, namely the 42-inch Hitachi plasma TV. Which will only run 800x600, and that stre-e-e-tched, it’d really be happier at 600x1024 or thereabouts. So on the downside, I have about 2.9 million fewer pixels to work with. On the upside, I’m sitting on a soft sofa looking up at a nice big screen across the room, no glasses required. If the price of LCD tech really falls as fast as they’re saying it will, maybe eventually we’ll all be using big wall-size monitors from across the room.
Steve Gillmor · Others have pointed this out, but it’s worth saying again: Steve has been writing some really good stuff recently.
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