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No Right Hand · We have a cat that’s get­ting old and thus needs more and more med­i­cal pro­ce­dures. Three weeks ago, he se­ri­ous­ly ob­ject­ed to one of these and bit me on the right mid­dle fin­ger, hard. The first an­tibi­ot­ic failed to clear up the in­fec­tion and now I’m the one need­ing more and more med­i­cal pro­ce­dures. It turns out that if you can’t bend or ex­ert any force with your mid­dle fin­ger, that hand be­comes re­mark­ably use­less. So I’m off to Cal­i­for­nia to­day on a one-handed ba­sis, should be in­ter­est­ing. But, I can type.
HST · There just haven’t been that many books in the his­to­ry of the world that can make you laugh out loud, over and over, and any­body who writes one is OK by me, and Hunter S. Thomp­son did. Plus, he changed what the word “journalism” mean­s, plus he helped ad­vance the gen­er­al un­der­stand­ing of the U.S. elec­toral pro­cess. But maybe those things are less im­por­tant than a cou­ple hun­dred pages of per­fect com­e­dy. The blog­gers are wax­ing grace­ful in eu­lo­gy; I like Doc’s take. HST was a very strong man, but the fact is that deca­dence in gen­er­al, and co­caine in par­tic­u­lar, take things away that usu­al­ly don’t come back. [Up­date: Gun­nar Peter­son wrote me about this un­usu­al re­flec­tion on HST, by his son.]
Dodging Thought Leaders · At the North­ern Voice par­ty I was talk­ing with Scoble about the Google “smart-tags”-redux mini-scandal. He was point­ing out once again that Google doesn’t have to play by the rules that gov­ern Mi­crosoft. (For how long, I won­der?) I re­marked that I hadn’t heard about any first-hand ex­pe­ri­ences since few peo­ple I work with live on Win­dows. But Lau­ren was there and I’d sent her a point­er to the Google thing, so I asked her what she thought. “How would I know?”, she said, “It’s IE-only.” The pro­por­tion of thought lead­ers who use IE on Win­dows is trend­ing to ze­ro. But you’d have to be re­al­ly paranoid—more than me, even—to sus­pect Google of a de­lib­er­ate dodge. What­ev­er; re­leas­ing any­thing IE-only gen­er­al­ly suck­s.
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