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Megginson Linkage · Another one of the key peo­ple around the birth of XML has joined the con­ver­sa­tion. This time it’s Dave Meg­gin­son, who’s best known as the chief de­sign­er of SAX, but has made con­tri­bu­tions large and small all over the uni­verse of de­scrip­tive markup. In­ter­est­ing­ly, one of his first en­tries calls for a key sim­pli­fi­ca­tion to XLink, one of the best XML ideas nev­er to have hit the big-time. Within an hour of read­ing David’s sug­ges­tion, which is of course ex­cel­len­t, I ran across Norm Walsh hold­ing forth on the same sub­ject; ap­par­ent­ly, chances are XLink will be­come more lightweight, which would be A Good Thing and might change the world, slight­ly.
Who’s Searching · I see that Forrester’s ex­cel­lent Char­lene Li is ex­pect­ing MSN search to gain on Google. Her ar­gu­ment sounds plau­si­ble, so I went and checked my log­files. Since Sun­day, I’ve had 1,222 peo­ple ar­rive at on­go­ing via Google, 166 via search.ya­hoo.­com, and 49 via MSN. If it gets a lit­tle closer, I’ll start hav­ing to run a reg­u­lar Search Mar­ket Share graph along with my Brows­er Mar­ket Share of­fer­ing.
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