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Happy · It’s like this: you get a slightly-scary phys­i­cal symp­tom and you go and tell your doc­tor and she frowns and says “well, we bet­ter run some tests and make a date with a specialist”, and you go to the spe­cial­ist and he works you over and looks at the tests and says “yeah, that’s a weird one, it hap­pens some­times, we don’t know why, it might hap­pen again, it won’t hurt you, don’t wor­ry about it.”
Laptops and Servers · It just dawned on me that in a desk-side box, heat is not a ma­jor prob­lem be­cause it’s got a room to cool it of­f, usu­al­ly with­out too many oth­er com­put­ers in it. Lap­top­s, how­ev­er, are like back-room “mainframe” servers in that heat is a big deal. In the one case you’re wor­ried about your users’ go­nads and in the oth­er your HVAC bud­get, but the prob­lem is the same. Right now, the heat bud­get is a big con­cern for the guys at Sun who de­sign our biggest server­s. It’s no se­cret that our through­put com­put­ing ini­tia­tive is part­ly about this: low­er clock speed­s, more cores, thread-level par­al­lelism. Am I pre­dict­ing that lap­tops with SPARC pro­ces­sors will be leap­ing off the shelves next quar­ter? I wouldn’t go that far. But I am smelling con­verg­ing de­sign spaces.
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