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No Follow · It’s nice to see that Google has taken up the cudgels against comment spam in what seems like an effective way. I can see another application: it allows me to express negative feelings hypertextually without collateral Google-juice damage. For example, the recent referrer-spam perps, who are pathetic losers, ineffectual morons, abusive predators, and probably deserve to be in jail. There, wasn’t that fun? Which suggests an enhancement: rel="justlabel", which says “don’t count this link for ranking purposes, but do take its content seriously as relevant to the indicated site.”
What Do Tags Mean? · I’m almost convinced that this new Technorati Tags thing is important, but I’m 100% convinced that I don’t understand where it’s going or what the implications are. Which is OK, because I suspect nobody else does either ...
Testing Backward · I just wasted some time by making a real dumb mistake in my unit testing setup, and I think that when tech bloggers do this they should publish the details, because wisdom is in large part the knowledge of how to avoid doing dumb things, and thus grows globally as a function of the published inventory of stupid mistakes. Thus, herewith, a description of how you can waste time by doing your unit testing just slightly wrong. [Updated: A suggested best practice to avoid this.] [And again.] ...
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