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One IDE to Rule Them All? · Don Box has an in­ter­est­ing set of Pre­dic­tions for 2005. Every one of them is thought-provoking and well-framed. There is one, though, that I have to push back on: the sur­face pre­dic­tion (#2) is that “Sun will em­brace Eclipse”. The deep­er is­sue here pops up a sen­tence lat­er, when Don talks about “unifying on a com­mon tool platform”. Wel­l, as I (and ev­ery­one else who at­tend­ed) learned at the “IDE Shootout” event at the last Ja­va One, the Ja­va IDE land­scape is like a messy, vig­or­ous, noisy, pub­lic mar­ket­place. Each of the big IDEs is here for the long haul; and it’s not just Eclipse and NetBean­s. Don’t for­get Emac­s, JDevel­op­er, and the IDE with the most fa­nat­i­cal fans of al­l, In­tel­liJ IDEA. Un­like the Win­dows world, where Visu­al Stu­dio is all that re­al­ly mat­ter­s, what we have here is an ecosys­tem, a mar­ket, a place where com­pe­ti­tion and evo­lu­tion hap­pen. There is ab­so­lute­ly ze­ro chance that the Ja­va world will ev­er “unify on a com­mon tool platform”. Which is A Good Thing.
Jerome Can Go Jump · That would be Jerome La­coste, who writes “It was fun to see a guy of his age use vi to code some non main­stream lan­guage and put some CSS in HTML.”. Wel­l, kid­do, my beard may be most­ly white and my head most­ly bald, but all ten fin­gers more or less work. Fur­ther, it oc­curs to me that this is a dis­ci­pline in which skills are ac­quired as you go along, and as you go along, year up­on year, you get bet­ter at it. And as for vi, well y’know, I would have used Emac­s, but I didn’t want to scare the kid­dies. Here’s how it is: Some peo­ple can’t not code, and some­times the con­di­tion is long-lasting. (Ac­tu­al­ly, Jerome said kind things about my Javapo­lis talk. Seems like a smart guy, give him an­oth­er decade or two and we’ll see.)
Lend a Hand · We re­al­ly all ought to do some­thing to help all those folks around the In­di­an Ocean who are hurt­ing pret­ty bad­ly right now. A par­tic­u­lar­ly quick and easy way to do so is via Ama­zon; I should prob­a­bly have gone through the Cana­di­an Red Cross, but with these things, quick­er is bet­ter, so I used Ama­zon. If you want to be im­pressed, wait a few sec­onds and re­fresh that page and watch the num­bers go up. Even bet­ter, help make the num­bers go up. [Up­date: I felt a lit­tle guilty about ig­nor­ing the home side, so I checked out the Cana­di­an Red Cross and it’s re­al easy to do­nate there too, and these days, Canuck Bucks go fur­ther.]
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