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F.C. · Blogging as such hardly has a culture, but to the extent that it does, “Friday Catblogging” would clearly be a part of it. Herewith the traditional cute picture. This probably proves that Andrew Orlowski is right about something ...
On Search: Sorting Result Lists · I was talking to someone building a search engine and he was moaning about sorting result lists in real time, only you don’t have to. Anyone who’s built a big search engine eventually works this out, but posting it here might save a few minutes for some future developer. The idea is, you should never have to do an O(N·log(N)) sort on a result list. [Update: Experimental verification.] ...
SideTrack and eSellerate · At Antipixel I saw a pointer to a nice-looking little piece of Mac shareware called SideTrack so I downloaded and tried it and it’s wonderful. Anyone running OS X who uses the mouse a lot, follow that pointer and give it a try. Apple will probably intervene, because this gives a standard Mac laptop in effect a two-button mouse with dual scroll-wheel, which Apple doesn’t think Mac users should want. So I said “that’s worth $15” and hit the Buy button, and it popped me off to eSellerate and boy, is that a slick operation. First of all, it noticed I was in Canada and charged me in C$. Then, when I filled in the form, it redirected over to a page from my own bank that asked a couple of other questions to make sure I was who I said I was, then gave me a nice printable receipt. This is what all the dot-com crazies claimed e-shopping would be like, at the height of the bubble. They were right... but it took another five years to get there.
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