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Bonnie 64 · Fifteen years ago I wrote a little filesystem benchmark called Bonnie. I hadn’t maintained it in years and there are a few interesting forks out there. Suddenly, by accident I found myself fiddling with the Bonnie code and I think I’m going to call the new version “Bonnie 64”. Herewith, for those who care about filesystem performance, the details ...
Sad · I met Bob McHenry, former editor of the Encyclopædia Britannica, when I did some consulting for them a few years back. He’s a wise, engaging, fellow, and he did me a huge favour by agreeing to do a keynote at the first-ever XML conference in 1997. But I’m profoundly disappointed by his vicious thrashing of the Wikipedia, which descends (literally) to toilet invective. I cannot understand how a perceptive human being can fail to see the beauty. Although Britannica is a pale shadow of its former self, McHenry presumably still has some insights at his disposal that he could offer to this brave band of people trying to create a new thing in the world. Instead of standing back and throwing mud.
Happy · Scoble observed that many blogs are cruddy on cell phones. Curious, I emailed him asking how ongoing does. He wrote back “Your site looks great. One of the best I've seen so far on the phone.” I am absurdly pleased.
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