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· · 2004
· · · November
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455 Grams · At the joint where I stop for cof­fee most morn­ings, there’s a lit­tle no­tice taped to the counter for the staff. It says “One pound = 455 grams.” This has been both­er­ing me for week­s. This morn­ing some­thing snapped and I said to the pret­ty sales-girl “You know, that’s wrong.” “What?” “It says 455 grams but it’s re­al­ly 454.” “What?” “That lit­tle sign there, it’s wrong, there are re­al­ly on­ly 454 grams in a pound.” “WHAT?” She wasn’t pars­ing me, and I was get­ting rat­tled. I think I failed to charm her. Any­how, there are re­al­ly on­ly 453.592.
1000 Thanks · I just hit the pub­lish but­ton for the thou­sandth time, which is a good oc­ca­sion once again to thank you, my part­ners out there in the Great Con­ver­sa­tion. Maybe I’ll get bored but at the mo­ment I couldn’t imag­ine not do­ing this. When I play Lego with the kid he’ll of­ten ask “What are you mak­ing, Daddy?” and I’ll say “I don’t know, let’s see what it turns out to be.” The same is true not just of on­go­ing but of the mil­lions of oth­ers who, giv­en the free­dom to write, write. A few (not me) may know what they’re try­ing to end up with, but as a group, we’re snap­ping to­geth­er lit­tle bright-coloured pieces. Some­time, we’ll find out what we’ve been build­ing. I can wait.
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