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Attack Mode · To­day, I’m an­gry. A per­son with whom I have to deal is mis­be­hav­ing and may de­stroy some­thing good through bad, in­ex­cus­ably bad, be­hav­ior. This per­son doesn’t work for me nor for any­one I know, in fact there’s no au­thor­i­ty re­la­tion­ship ei­ther way. I se­ri­ous­ly con­sid­ered us­ing on­go­ing as a weapon. Sup­pose I post­ed a piece here whose ti­tle was that person’s name, lay­ing out in suc­cinct but force­ful de­tail the na­ture of the bad be­hav­ior, solid­ly il­lus­trat­ed by point­ers to on­line ex­am­ples. Sup­pose I of­fered a calmly-worded opin­ion that no­body in their right mind should con­sid­er hir­ing, or do­ing busi­ness with, or dat­ing, this per­son. Sup­pose some oth­er peo­ple who shared my opin­ions saw fit to point to the at­tack and per­haps chime in a bit. Giv­en the way search en­gines work, I’d say that such an at­tack would be ex­treme­ly dam­ag­ing, and very hard to re­cov­er from. Would I do this? I don’t think so, un­less it was a mat­ter of life or death. But I sure do think about it some­times.
Yellow · A few min­utes of sun­shine on a mid-fall day with leaves on the ground, not ev­ery­thing is yel­low but there sure is a lot of it about ...
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