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Political Snicker · Was chatting with a colleague and I remarked “Dow-Jones turned south when the Kerry-looking-good exit-poll leak went around the Net.” He responded “Pity so many people’s pensions are linked to the success of evil-doers.”
Three Questions on XSD and WSDL · Last week at the Colorado Software Summit, during my keynote I asked three questions of the attendees, who were a few hundred mostly senior developers, mostly from the Java ecosystem. (I’ve tucked a picture in the body of this piece.) Do you use XML Schema? Pretty well every hand went up. Do you think you understand XML Schema? One hand went up. Do you like XML Schema? A scattering of hands, maybe 20%. I asked the same three questions about WSDL; similar pattern, not quite as universal exposure, a few more thought they understood it. Just reporting ...
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