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Russell Explodes · A couple of days ago I ran a piece about my mobility needs. It got quite a bit of reaction: Jeremy Zawodny and Gary Potter both seemed to agree, and Geoff Arnold wants a little more than I do. But then Russell Beattie rose up in righteous wrath and consigned Jeremy and me to the fiery furnace reserved for unbelievers in the coming Golden Age of mobile phones. He’s saying, more or less: “Resistance is irrelevant. You will be assimilated,” but it’s a good piece, read it. The thing is, I have been reading Russell, and he goes on about video and I think OK, and Web browsing, and I think OK, and about mobile games, and I think OK, and about high-bandwidth flat-rate pervasive Internet connectivity and I think “Cowabunga! Get me some of that!” Maybe once I have some of those other capabilities, I’ll get excited. But up till now, I haven’t actually seen anybody doing anything with a cellphone that I particularly want to do, except talk.
The Colorado Software Summit · This is a thirteen-year-old conference. At one point it was OS/2-centric and there are still a lot of IBM people here, but Java is the real center of gravity. Herewith some notes and pictures ...
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