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Drive People · When I grow up, I want to take more pic­tures of peo­ple and few­er of flow­er­s. It’s pho­tos of faces that move me, but—to be bru­tal­ly honest—I have a courage deficit when it comes to point­ing the cam­era at peo­ple I don’t know. On Satur­day we had brunch at Ha­vana on Com­mer­cial Drive, “the Drive” in Van­cou­ver par­lance; Ha­vana has man­aged to stay stylish for years and years, the food’s good, room and pa­tio are nice, and the Drive has out­stand­ing people-watching. So I shot some of ’em ...
Neo/J Patch3 Cowabunga! · Please come on in­side and check out the screen shot. It shows OpenOf­fice, on the Mac­in­tosh, run­ning with na­tive Aqua menus. This is big news. [Up­date: Oop­s, I point­ed to the wrong patch.] ...
Applied XML · I’ll be at Chris Sells’ XML thing near Port­land this week, com­bin­ing the phys­i­cal risk of be­ing near an ac­tive vol­cano with the moral per­il of be­ing sur­round­ed by WS-* evan­ge­lists from Red­mond who think that the nat­u­ral lifes­pan of an XML doc­u­ment is mea­sured in mi­crosec­ond­s. I’m cranked, have ac­tu­al­ly been ly­ing awake at night think­ing of things I’d like to say to this gang and won­der­ing if they can or should be said. I’m of­ten guilty of ar­riv­ing at a con­fer­ence in time to speak and be­ing on the next plane out, but I’ll take in most of this one. It’s a way to dis­cov­er a ma­jor con­ti­nent on plan­et XML that, for me, has re­mained large­ly un­ex­plored. Cur­rent work­ing ti­tle of my talk: Bits on the Wire: Les­sons From the Syn­di­ca­tion Ex­plo­sion.
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