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Drive People · When I grow up, I want to take more pictures of people and fewer of flowers. It’s photos of faces that move me, but—to be brutally honest—I have a courage deficit when it comes to pointing the camera at people I don’t know. On Saturday we had brunch at Havana on Commercial Drive, “the Drive” in Vancouver parlance; Havana has managed to stay stylish for years and years, the food’s good, room and patio are nice, and the Drive has outstanding people-watching. So I shot some of ’em ...
Neo/J Patch3 Cowabunga! · Please come on inside and check out the screen shot. It shows OpenOffice, on the Macintosh, running with native Aqua menus. This is big news. [Update: Oops, I pointed to the wrong patch.] ...
Applied XML · I’ll be at Chris Sells’ XML thing near Portland this week, combining the physical risk of being near an active volcano with the moral peril of being surrounded by WS-* evangelists from Redmond who think that the natural lifespan of an XML document is measured in microseconds. I’m cranked, have actually been lying awake at night thinking of things I’d like to say to this gang and wondering if they can or should be said. I’m often guilty of arriving at a conference in time to speak and being on the next plane out, but I’ll take in most of this one. It’s a way to discover a major continent on planet XML that, for me, has remained largely unexplored. Current working title of my talk: Bits on the Wire: Lessons From the Syndication Explosion.
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