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Pix MisGoogled · Google in­dex­es pic­tures all wrong. Here at on­go­ing, I used to store all my own pic­tures with nice names I in­vent­ed on the spur of the mo­men­t. Some­time last year, I re­al­ized my cam­eras were thought­ful­ly giv­ing each shot a nice guaranteed-unique name, so I just start­ed us­ing that; for ex­am­ple, that slug is in a file named IMG_2663.jpg. But, I’m care­ful to al­ways sup­ply an ap­pro­pri­ate alt tex­t, like so: <img alt='Vancouver slug' src='IMG_2663.png' />. It turns out that Google pret­ty much ig­nores the alt tex­t, which is ir­ri­tat­ing, so you’ll find my ros­es and prairi­escapes and Foo Cam­pers in Google on­ly with a lot of ef­fort. What’s re­al­ly weird is that Google does put a lot of weight on the ac­tu­al file-name. The rea­son I no­ticed this is that in any giv­en week, the most pop­u­lar im­age on on­go­ing is the pic­ture of Di­ablo found here, ap­par­ent­ly be­cause it’s in a file called di­a­blo.jpg. But you know, there are lots of pic­tures of Di­ablo out there, and not that many of the chapels at Brus­sels Air­port. So, Google could do a lot bet­ter here. [Note: I’m talk­ing about Google im­age search here, not reg­u­lar search. It’s still bro­ken.]
Smart EC · Be­cause of the way on­go­ing works I need fair­ly short head­li­nes, which is a pity, be­cause for this piece I want­ed to use The Euro­pean Com­mis­sion Makes Ex­treme­ly Smart Moves Con­cern­ing Open XML-Based Of­fice Doc­u­ment For­mats and Brow­beats Ven­dors Deft­ly; As a Re­sult the Open Of­fice XML For­mat Will Prob­a­bly Be­come an ISO Stan­dard ...
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