This is just a photograph of a wall. [Update: Enriched with a geek metaphor.]

Wall in Vancouver

What’s actually happening is that this is the back of the wall; the building has been cut away but the front wall preserved because it’s a heritage neighborhood (Vancouver’s Yaletown), they’ll fill in with something modern which nonetheless has exposed-brick-and-beam interiors to give it that retro feel. Through the windows you can catch a flash of the trees on the street out front.

James Governor, one ofthe smarter analysts out there (with RedMonk) writes:

Got me to thinking its like the opposite of putting a new front end on a legacy application. This is putting a new back end on a legacy front end. We evidently have a different different relationship with the user interface on buildings than we do with that of computer systems.

Or do we/ I think of CLIs and emacs. Sometimes the old interface was the most productive.

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