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Fionnuala · The names in my kid’s kinder­garten class: Bren­nan, Edinah-Rose, Fion­nu­ala, Gabriel­la, Isa­iah, Isa­iah, Ja­cob, Joseph, Hen­nessy, Michae­la, Ni­co­las, Noah, Pa­trick, Ro­nan, Sam, Sean, So­phie, So­phie. That’s po­et­ry of a kind, writ­ten in the lan­guage of parents’ dream­s. Sit­ting down to­geth­er to start the day, still un­smudged for a few qui­et min­utes, words can’t de­scribe their beau­ty. Think you might be able to match eth­nic groups with names? For­get it.
Market Failure · Right now we are en­coun­ter­ing an ir­ri­tat­ing fail­ure of the free mar­ket. We had some duct­work done a cou­ple of months ago, and have a chunk of miss­ing dry­wall in our liv­ing room. There are some oth­er bits and pieces of dry­walling that need do­ing here and there around the house, too. No prob­lem, call up an ex­pert, right? Wrong. At this mo­ment in Van­cou­ver, no dry­waller can be both­ered to take on a job that’s on­ly one or two days’ work; they’re all coast­ing along do­ing ten-thousand-dollar-and-up man­sion ren­o­va­tion­s. Dry­walling is trick­y, ir­ri­tat­ing, messy work best left to pro­fes­sion­al­s... but it looks like we’re go­ing to be tak­ing it on. At any Van­cou­ver so­cial gath­er­ing, the gen­er­al un­avail­abil­i­ty of trades­peo­ple is a re­li­able conversation-starter. Hey kid­s, con­sid­er stay­ing away from that ex­pen­sive and ar­du­ous col­lege ed­u­ca­tion and tak­ing up a trade; for damn sure your job won’t get out­sourced to an­oth­er con­ti­nen­t.
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