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Late Summer · Vancouver’s sum­mer was good but end­ed, more or less, Au­gust 10th, so when on this last week­end the Sun man­i­fest­ed, we felt rec­om­pensed a lit­tle. Here­with some il­lus­trat­ed words on flow­ers that end in -ia, learn­ing about the world, Jeri­cho, har­vest­ing and fish­ing ...
Sunbeams, Bow Wow Wow Edition · Start­ing on a se­ri­ous note: On­no Kluyt runs the Ja­va Com­mu­ni­ty Pro­cess, which makes him a VIP, and he’s got a point­er to its schol­ar­ship pro­gram; this is how you go about get­ting the seal of ap­proval on your soft­ware if you’re a non-profit or an OSS hack­er who can’t af­ford the reg­u­lar pro­cess de­signed for or­ga­ni­za­tions like IBM and BEA. Check out the re­cip­i­ents. Nex­t, Dave John­son, who qual­i­fies be­cause he’s about to start work­ing here, wrote a nice pic­ture/­anal­y­sis of the in­side of Rome. With Rome and the Pil­grim Univer­sal Feed Pars­er, the world has two full-function general-purpose syn­di­ca­tion feed wran­gler­s. How many do we need? Hop­ping over to the oth­er side of the world, Chan­dan has a neat lit­tle piece on pric­ing in In­di­a; if you read to the bot­tom you’ll find a nas­ti­ly amus­ing pic­ture. Tor Nor­bye asks an ob­vi­ous ques­tion: what is the caps-lock key for and why don’t we just get rid of it? In the eye-candy de­part­ment Willys Inger­soll post­ed some re­mark­able pic­tures of Shang­hai. Will Snow, who’s al­ways worth read­ing, has a scary sto­ry about how to get your­self in big trou­ble re­al fast by shift­ing sun.­com in­fras­truc­ture. In the warm-glow de­part­men­t, check out ML Starkey on work­ing the hol­i­day week­end. And fi­nal­ly... well, this is a lit­tle weird, and we all know what they say about what no­body knows on the In­ter­net, but ap­par­ent­ly one of our Sun blog­gers is a dog.
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