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Late Summer · Vancouver’s summer was good but ended, more or less, August 10th, so when on this last weekend the Sun manifested, we felt recompensed a little. Herewith some illustrated words on flowers that end in -ia, learning about the world, Jericho, harvesting and fishing ...
Sunbeams, Bow Wow Wow Edition · Starting on a serious note: Onno Kluyt runs the Java Community Process, which makes him a VIP, and he’s got a pointer to its scholarship program; this is how you go about getting the seal of approval on your software if you’re a non-profit or an OSS hacker who can’t afford the regular process designed for organizations like IBM and BEA. Check out the recipients. Next, Dave Johnson, who qualifies because he’s about to start working here, wrote a nice picture/analysis of the inside of Rome. With Rome and the Pilgrim Universal Feed Parser, the world has two full-function general-purpose syndication feed wranglers. How many do we need? Hopping over to the other side of the world, Chandan has a neat little piece on pricing in India; if you read to the bottom you’ll find a nastily amusing picture. Tor Norbye asks an obvious question: what is the caps-lock key for and why don’t we just get rid of it? In the eye-candy department Willys Ingersoll posted some remarkable pictures of Shanghai. Will Snow, who’s always worth reading, has a scary story about how to get yourself in big trouble real fast by shifting sun.com infrastructure. In the warm-glow department, check out ML Starkey on working the holiday weekend. And finally... well, this is a little weird, and we all know what they say about what nobody knows on the Internet, but apparently one of our Sun bloggers is a dog.
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