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The Back Door · There are on­ly two ways in­to the tech­nol­o­gy mar­ket, the front door and the back door. Some ex­am­ples that came in through the front door: ERP, main­frames, and Lo­tus Notes. Back-door ar­rival­s: per­son­al com­put­er­s, Unix, and Dy­nam­ic Lan­guages (Per­l, Python, and so on). You can build a busi­ness both ways. And, now that I’ve been here at Sun for al­most six month­s, I won­der: Which door should we be knock­ing on? ...
Potsticker Geek · Wel­l, nor­mal­ly I’d stick this in a Sun­beams post­ing, but it’s good enough to go stan­dalone; you might want to take a trip over and check out Pot­stick­er Gu­ru AKA James C. Li­u. A geek’s geek and a good writ­er and fun­ny, too.
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