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47 Ways To Say “Broken” ·  Ballsed up. Ban­jaxed. Blown up. Bol­lixed. Borked. Bricked. Broked. Bug­gered (up). Bunged. Bust­ed. Bus­ti­cat­ed. Casters-up mod­e. Clapped out. Crapped out. Cocked up. DOA. Done in. Down. Frapped out. Fried. Fucked (up). Fubar. Garfed. Gone pear-shaped. Goobered. Gronked. Horked. Hosed. Ka­put. Knack­ered. NFG. Off the rail­s. On the blink. On the fritz. Pooched. Roached. Screwed. Shagged. Shot. Sna­fu. Stuffed. Tits up. Toast. U/S. Wedged. Wonky. Zorched. Note once again the vi­tal­i­ty of English, with con­tri­bu­tions from en­gi­neer­ing and mil­i­tary jar­gon in­ter­breed­ing or­gan­i­cal­ly, and in one case cheer­ful bor­row­ing from our Ger­man cousin­s. I’d pre­fer not to dwell on the log­i­cal in­fer­ence that en­gi­neers re­gard any sys­tem that’s ac­tu­al­ly work­ing as a tem­po­rary anoma­ly. [Up­date: This was pub­lished in Au­gust 2004, but just now I ran across a dusty, ne­glect­ed email fold­er la­beled “words for broken” with late sug­ges­tion­s. This frag­ment is now closed, fur­ther sug­ges­tions will be rude­ly ig­nored.] ...
M & A & F · Check out Mark Pil­grim on why specs mat­ter; a typically-excellent piece which be­gins with the propo­si­tion that in the con­text of stan­dard­s, most de­vel­op­ers are ei­ther mo­rons or ass­holes. I count my­self as proud to be (in Mark’s terms) a mo­ron. Mark how­ev­er omits to note how the Web en­cour­ages mo­ron­ic be­hav­ior (and why this is good) and avoids a third cat­e­go­ry, Flamer­s. So I’ll cov­er those bases ...
Athens and Twin Valley · At Lauren’s Mom’s farm in east­ern Saskatchewan, some­one turned on the tube to show the great cap­ture with the new an­ten­na, and there were the Olympic open­ing cer­e­monies. “People Of Earth” be­gan Mr. Rogge, and you know, that’s who he was talk­ing to, more or less, which is worth some­thing. We end­ed up watch­ing quite a bit of Olympic TV then on Au­gust 15th went to the Twin Val­ley Rid­ing Club Rodeo south­west of Ester­hazy, so the farm vis­it was quite sports-intensive. Here­with Olympic re­marks and rodeo pic­s ...
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