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47 Ways To Say “Broken” ·  Ballsed up. Banjaxed. Blown up. Bollixed. Borked. Bricked. Broked. Buggered (up). Bunged. Busted. Busticated. Casters-up mode. Clapped out. Crapped out. Cocked up. DOA. Done in. Down. Frapped out. Fried. Fucked (up). Fubar. Garfed. Gone pear-shaped. Goobered. Gronked. Horked. Hosed. Kaput. Knackered. NFG. Off the rails. On the blink. On the fritz. Pooched. Roached. Screwed. Shagged. Shot. Snafu. Stuffed. Tits up. Toast. U/S. Wedged. Wonky. Zorched. Note once again the vitality of English, with contributions from engineering and military jargon interbreeding organically, and in one case cheerful borrowing from our German cousins. I’d prefer not to dwell on the logical inference that engineers regard any system that’s actually working as a temporary anomaly. [Update: This was published in August 2004, but just now I ran across a dusty, neglected email folder labeled “words for broken” with late suggestions. This fragment is now closed, further suggestions will be rudely ignored.] ...
M & A & F · Check out Mark Pilgrim on why specs matter; a typically-excellent piece which begins with the proposition that in the context of standards, most developers are either morons or assholes. I count myself as proud to be (in Mark’s terms) a moron. Mark however omits to note how the Web encourages moronic behavior (and why this is good) and avoids a third category, Flamers. So I’ll cover those bases ...
Athens and Twin Valley · At Lauren’s Mom’s farm in eastern Saskatchewan, someone turned on the tube to show the great capture with the new antenna, and there were the Olympic opening ceremonies. “People Of Earth” began Mr. Rogge, and you know, that’s who he was talking to, more or less, which is worth something. We ended up watching quite a bit of Olympic TV then on August 15th went to the Twin Valley Riding Club Rodeo southwest of Esterhazy, so the farm visit was quite sports-intensive. Herewith Olympic remarks and rodeo pics ...
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