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Sunbeams, Transylvanian Edition · Our own Bryan Cantrill, world’s most enthusiastic kernel engineer, shares one of the world’s most sickening sensations—a live demo that goes bad—and still manages to be funny. Janos Cserep gives us a Transylvanian travelogue, with lots of colour and some decent pictures too. While in Europe, Daniel Templeton has been running first-rate series of posts on the subject of Germany from the viewpoint of an American expat. Torrey McMahon has some offensive imagery in the context of cheesy seventies glam-rock, what’s not to like. Finally, Dan Baigent reports a story that caused quite an internal stir; some ignorant blogger writing up LinuxWorld 2004 and claimed that the Sun booth was full of Windows boxes. (What actually happened was that someone was fooled by all the Linux and Solaris boxes running JDS, which from a distance does look quite a bit like Windows.) Dan’s take is light-hearted, but you should see the internal mailing lists. If you really want to get a bunch of our engineering Linux and Solaris geeks mad, accuse them of running Windows.
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