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Sunbeams, Transylvanian Edition · Our own Bryan Cantrill, world’s most en­thu­si­as­tic ker­nel en­gi­neer, shares one of the world’s most sick­en­ing sensations—a live de­mo that goes bad—and still man­ages to be fun­ny. Janos Cserep gives us a Tran­syl­va­ni­an trav­el­ogue, with lots of colour and some de­cent pic­tures too. While in Europe, Daniel Tem­ple­ton has been run­ning first-rate se­ries of posts on the sub­ject of Ger­many from the view­point of an Amer­i­can ex­pat. Tor­rey McMa­hon has some of­fen­sive im­agery in the con­text of cheesy sev­en­ties glam-rock, what’s not to like. Fi­nal­ly, Dan Baigent re­ports a sto­ry that caused quite an in­ter­nal stir; some ig­no­rant blog­ger writ­ing up Lin­uxWorld 2004 and claimed that the Sun booth was full of Win­dows box­es. (What ac­tu­al­ly hap­pened was that some­one was fooled by all the Lin­ux and So­laris box­es run­ning JDS, which from a dis­tance does look quite a bit like Win­dows.) Dan’s take is light-hearted, but you should see the in­ter­nal mail­ing list­s. If you re­al­ly want to get a bunch of our en­gi­neer­ing Lin­ux and So­laris geeks mad, ac­cuse them of run­ning Win­dows.
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