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Vonage: Strike One · I was scheduled for a phone call with a VIP today, and when he got on the line (my office Vonage phone), it was unusable, multi-second delays on each voice round-trip. Damnably, I didn’t have my cellphone with me, so we had to reschedule. I called up Vonage, had to punch through two levels of slow menu (could be worse I suppose) to get to the tech support queue where I waited for five minutes listening to vasty echoing silence to talk to someone who put me on the tech support queue (“I thought this was tech support?” “No, I’m a general-purpose service representative.”) Which picked up after only a minute or two, and he made a vague attempt to blame my ISP and said he’d sent a couple of downloads to the phone that should address the problem. So, if it’s a known problem with a known fix, why don’t I already have it? I don’t have to do this kind of thing for either my land-lines or mobile. All in all, I’ve been fairly happy with Vonage so far, but much more of this could sour the relationship quickly.
Help Darfur · I just dropped by the WFP to make a laughably small contribution to the relief of a monstrously big problem. If enough other people do so, the relief may become noticeable. Do the world a favor, drop a few bucks in the pot and pass the word on. Maybe bloggers can contribute a little more than talk to the world? [Update: Jeremy Keith and Chris Rauschuber have passed the word on—good on ya—and Anjan Bacchu did a little something. Anybody who’s still thinking about it, read this, then, as they say, just do it.]
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