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Electoral Vote Syndication · Over the week­end, and in be­tween events at the IETF, I got in­to a di­a­logue with “the Votemaster,” who runs the Elec­toral Vote Pre­dic­tor 2004. I find the Pre­dic­tor un­equaled as a dai­ly read-out on the state of the Bush-Kerry con­test. I sug­gest­ed by email that the page could use a feed, and he wrote back “Say what?” and I ex­plained and he hacked and de­bugged, and now, here it is. He says it’s a be­ta, but it works fine in all the read­ers I try and al­so val­i­dates, so what’s not to like?
Len Is In The House · Drop what­ev­er you’re do­ing and go check out Life Among The Mam­mals by the one and on­ly Len Bullard, who has been quot­ed in this space a few times. The amount of ma­te­ri­al is still small enough that you can read the whole thing to get caught up, and you’ll prob­a­bly en­joy do­ing that. (As I write the top two posts are po­lit­i­cal, if that’s not your fla­vor skip ’em to get to the oth­er good stuff.)
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