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Sunbeams, Pink Edition · Mostly nontechnical today, so let’s do the geeky stuff first: Chet Haase talks up ImageIO and he’s right, it’s coolio, I’ve used it too. Greg Reimer draws a persuasive analogy between conspiracy theories and Internet Worms. Then, Chris Calkins gives us an almost-all-pink day including a huge picture of a terrific flower; definitely my kind of stuff. Jason Schroeder has a wonderful I-hate-airlines rant, every frequent traveler in the world will be saying “Amen!” And to end the week on a light note, here’s a posting reproduced without permission from the Sun internal Mac Users mailing list: “And it came to pass in those days that they did iPodify their bimmers, yea even unto the those of them that had already more toys than they knew what do to with...” I mean, if iPodifying bimmers isn't a sign of the End Times, well, I just don't know what is.
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