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Authoring Pain · The per­son from the Gen­er­al Counsel’s of­fice called to talk about some legal/reg­u­la­to­ry stuff we’re pulling to­geth­er, and she asked how it should be de­liv­ered. I said it would even­tu­al­ly end up on the We­b, so why didn’t they write it as a web page. She sound­ed un­com­fort­able: “I don’t know how we’d do that,” she said. At the same time, I’m hear­ing pri­vate gripes from our in­ter­nal writ­ing com­mu­ni­ty, from the Pres­i­dent to the mar­keters to the So­laris geek­s, about how their writ­ing tools stink. The state of Web au­thor­ing tools is kind of like the state of what we used to call “Word Processing” twen­ty years ago when I was get­ting in­to this busi­ness. If everyone’s go­ing to write for the Web (and it looks a lot of peo­ple are go­ing to) we need the Web equiv­a­lents of Word Per­fect and Word­star and Xy­write and Mi­crosoft Word, and we need them right now. The Atom pro­to­col will give them a stan­dard­ized way to push the con­tent on­line, and the fact that it’s all open for­mats will make it re­al hard for a mo­nop­o­list to scoop out the mar­ket. So, who’s build­ing them? [Up­dat­ed: Lots of feed­back­!] ...
Mark on Microsoft · OK, this is pos­i­tive­ly the last time I’m go­ing to post here say­ing “Go read Mark Cuban’s lat­est,” the word about his high-energy naked-truth-at-great-length un­punc­tu­at­ed ex­plo­sions must have pret­ty well got­ten out by now. The sub­ject this time is the Mi­crosoft div­i­dend, which is pret­ty big news.
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