Herewith a brief photo-essay on the issue.

Below is an amateur lily, a gift of my Mother some years back, some would call it garish but I find it charming. On the other hand it is one of many on the stalk, and there are several stalks, and their fragrance while sweet is unsubtle, and on a warm day with little wind, our front lawn (enclosed by a high hedge) becomes a warm puddle of perfumy exuberance, all perhaps a bit much.

White and pink lily (amateur)

The flowers below, however, are all professionals; hard at work at our neighborhood florist, The Flower Factory (for Vancouverites, it’s at 20th and Main and for my money the best in town).

Interior of the Flower Factory
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Interior of the Flower Factory
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Interior of the Flower Factory

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July 17, 2004
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