If you haven’t been following the Cassini-Huygens Saturn mission, in particular the pictures, you’re missing a heck of a show. I grabbed a couple, just for a teaser.

Saturns Rings from close up

No, I don’t know what the dark thing is, or the explanation; go poke around on NASA if you want to. [Update: Sam Ruby and someone else whose email I lost both tell me the dark thing is the planet’s shadow. Hmm. Sam also pointed to this.]

Also, look at some of the close-ups of the rings; not the pretty false-coloured versions as rendered by NASA’s picture-prettifiers, just the raw shots of endless horizontal bands of grey-on-grey over the star field. On average, one out of every 14 times you visit ongoing, that’s what you’ll see behind the title, above.

One of Saturn’s rings from close up

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