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How To Grow HTML · Fol­low­ing on some off-blog cor­re­spon­dence, Hy­att and the Sa­far­i­ans look like they’re will­ing to try a sen­si­ble semi-pseudo-namespaced ap­proach. My ear­li­er piece on this pro­voked a flur­ry of con­ver­sa­tion. Here­with some tech­ni­cal notes, plus words on the cul­ture and pol­i­tics of adding new tags to our browsers’ di­et­s ...
No More ucomics · For some time I’ve been read­ing Calvin and Hobbes on ucomic­s.­com. But I think I’m go­ing to have to stop, be­cause they are run­ning high­ly ir­ri­tat­ing ads that are com­plete lies. Check out this, but brace your eyes first. Even bet­ter, don’t: it’s a violently-flashing yellow-and-black GIF say­ing Win­ner! Win­ner! You just won a free dig­i­tal cam­er­a! Click here!. If you de­cide, as I did, that it’s worth flam­ing about and click there at ucomic­s, you dis­cov­er that it redi­rects to a ran­dom ad­ver­tis­er, many of which are “Page not found”, none of which of­fer dig­i­tal cam­eras, and which in­clude apparently-respectable firms like ValueClick. I won­der if these peo­ple know that of­fen­sive, ly­ing ads are be­ing used to link to them? (This piece was orig­i­nal­ly go­ing to be a flame at them for buy­ing this kind of ad, but then I clicked again). I won­der if re­spectable car­toon­ists like Pat Oliphant know that their work is be­ing dis­played next to this kind of trash? I won­der if it’s le­gal to run ads which are out­right barefaced lies? Would it be OK for me to put ad ban­ners all over the In­ter­net say­ing Free Beer! point­ing to on­go­ing? [Dis­clo­sure: no free beer here.] What am I miss­ing?
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