Well, I said once a week, and it’s been longer than that, but we’ve all been busy. To start on a cheerful note, here’s Jeff Solof on child sacrifice and theological page-turners (really). Staying nontechnical, Josh Simons writes about rare digital books, which will get any bibliophile’s heart pounding; Geoff Arnold points us at an amusing note from Neil Gaiman and adds a chuckle to it. Moving to technology, Bryan Cantrill worries about keeping Usenix relevant. And last week, one big news story was the open-sourcing of Java3D. I am one of the few living humans to have actually shipped a working J3D app, so this turns my crank a bit, if you need 3D I doubt there’s a smoother API in the world for it; check it out. I’m going to have to go revive my Pseudobabyloniana project, should be a snap to move it from Perl to J3D.

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