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Bad, Bad IBM! · Tux has been re­placed by the Weird Blond Kid on the Route 101 F.Y.O. bill­board at Red­wood Ci­ty. This is cul­tur­al­ly dam­ag­ing and ba­si­cal­ly de­stroys IBM’s open-source street cred. Please bring the Pen­guin back! ...
Party Like It’s 1996! · I’m a ma­jor ad­mir­er of Sa­fari and of its pri­ma­ry au­thor Dave Hy­att. But a cou­ple of Dave’s re­cent notes have caused me se­ri­ous dis­com­fort. Here he notes that Sa­fari will sup­port a new "search" val­ue for the type= at­tribute on the in­put el­e­men­t, and here he dis­cuss­es a new can­vas el­e­men­t. Even more trou­bling is the open­ing phrase: Another ex­ten­sion we made to HTML is... I’d be re­al­ly hap­py if some­one ex­plained to me how this is dif­fer­ent from what Netscape and Mi­crosoft did to each oth­er so ir­ri­tat­ing­ly back in 1996 (<MARQUEE> any­one?). What the W3C and Web Stan­dards Pro­ject were cre­at­ed to stop? [By the way, there are names­paces, there are class= at­tributes, there are le­git­i­mate ways to ex­tend HTML.] Some­one please ex­plain to me why I’m wrong, be­cause I re­al­ly hope this isn’t what it looks like.
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