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Bad, Bad IBM! · Tux has been replaced by the Weird Blond Kid on the Route 101 F.Y.O. billboard at Redwood City. This is culturally damaging and basically destroys IBM’s open-source street cred. Please bring the Penguin back! ...
Party Like It’s 1996! · I’m a major admirer of Safari and of its primary author Dave Hyatt. But a couple of Dave’s recent notes have caused me serious discomfort. Here he notes that Safari will support a new "search" value for the type= attribute on the input element, and here he discusses a new canvas element. Even more troubling is the opening phrase: Another extension we made to HTML is... I’d be really happy if someone explained to me how this is different from what Netscape and Microsoft did to each other so irritatingly back in 1996 (<MARQUEE> anyone?). What the W3C and Web Standards Project were created to stop? [By the way, there are namespaces, there are class= attributes, there are legitimate ways to extend HTML.] Someone please explain to me why I’m wrong, because I really hope this isn’t what it looks like.
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