Spent the day at my first-ever Java One: herewith stories and pix, including a notable blogging first.

It’s big. I have a new respect for this whole Java-ecosystem thang. Here’s a picture from one of several concurrent sessions on Java performance.

Performance session at Java One

Big is nice, but the people are what matter. Here’s one of my favorite people, Jon Bosak:

Jon Bosak photographing me

I went to an interesting IDE Shootout (Eclipse, Emacs, IntelliJ, JDeveloper, and NetBeans); nobody won and only JDeveloper was notably injured.

In the evening, we had a Java Bloggers’ Beerfest, which was great fun. Our newest blogger, some guy named Schwartz, drew quite a crowd:

Jonathan Schwartz at the JavaOne beer/blogger bash

Jonathan was the newest blog-celeb, but some other faces got put to names; here are MaryMary and Simon Phipps; Mary is just like her online persona.

Simon Phipps and Mary Smaragdis

Finally, here are Russell Beattie and Will Snow.

Russell Beattie and Will Snow

Good fun; I’m glad I came.

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