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San Fran, OK · I had an interesting Friday, up and down the Peninsula and with lots of tasty flavors ...
Sunbeams: Writhing Like a Vast, Salted Slug Edition · [Editorial note: I’ve gotten a bit of pushback on Sunbeams, from a prominent journalist and my Mom among others. Fair enough, I think the Sunbloggin’ ecosystem has had the necessary leg up. However, I am (for the nonce) still reading them all, and there is some good stuff there, so for the next little while I’ll do a Sunbeams once each weekend. Jeepers, I just looked, there are now 355 accounts on blogs.sun.com.] On the musical front, the Welblogger has a piece on The Arlenes which includes a pointer to a beautiful MP3, and Warren Strange saw The Hip in a small club in Calgary (I’m green with envy). The greimblog usefully contrasts two categories of religiosos, JXnuts and XCnuts (he compares the Web to the slug in the title). Will Snow, who runs sun.com, gives us a slice of life leading up to Java One. Edward Tufte is one of my intellectual heroes, and this week both Richard Kenyon and Martin Hardee have Tuftean outings, the latter with a priceless direct quote that I’d never heard before. Finally, Norm Walsh gives us the lighter side of standards-committee meetings: “What we need are anti-namespace nodes.”
Ungilded, Emerging · Herewith two lilies and an emerging hydrangea. The latter, in particular, deserves a visit ...
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