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San Fran, OK · I had an in­ter­est­ing Fri­day, up and down the Penin­su­la and with lots of tasty fla­vors ...
Sunbeams: Writhing Like a Vast, Salted Slug Edition · [Edi­to­ri­al note: I’ve got­ten a bit of push­back on Sun­beams, from a promi­nent jour­nal­ist and my Mom among oth­er­s. Fair enough, I think the Sunbloggin’ ecosys­tem has had the nec­es­sary leg up. How­ev­er, I am (for the non­ce) still read­ing them al­l, and there is some good stuff there, so for the next lit­tle while I’ll do a Sun­beams once each week­end. Jeep­er­s, I just looked, there are now 355 ac­counts on blogs.­sun.­com.] On the mu­si­cal fron­t, the Wel­blog­ger has a piece on The Ar­lenes which in­cludes a point­er to a beau­ti­ful MP3, and War­ren Strange saw The Hip in a small club in Cal­gary (I’m green with en­vy). The gre­im­blog use­ful­ly con­trasts two cat­e­gories of re­li­giosos, JXnuts and XCnuts (he com­pares the Web to the slug in the ti­tle). Will Snow, who runs sun.­com, gives us a slice of life lead­ing up to Ja­va One. Ed­ward Tufte is one of my in­tel­lec­tu­al heroes, and this week both Richard Keny­on and Martin Hardee have Tuftean out­ings, the lat­ter with a price­less di­rect quote that I’d nev­er heard be­fore. Fi­nal­ly, Norm Walsh gives us the lighter side of standards-committee meet­ings: “What we need are anti-namespace nodes.”
Ungilded, Emerging · Here­with two lilies and an emerg­ing hy­drangea. The lat­ter, in par­tic­u­lar, de­serves a vis­it ...
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