Let’s start with Phillip Wagstrom’s debut: If you've got something with a Sun logo on it that's not working right, you call me; once again, a window into a world I don’t know. Moving on, David Ogren gives us tasty little bite of blog-propaganda. Jon Haslam shows us how to use the incredibly-advanced features of Solaris to torture tcsh users, but then spoils it by admitting to being a miserably-deluded ksh devotee (Everybody Knows bash is the One True Shell). On the lighter side, Steve Lau calculates the cost of commuting, and Henry Jia survives some tests including “pass through electric grid” and “get treasure from boiled liquid”—with these guys on our side, how can we lose? To end on a serious note, Simon Phipps points to a remarkably beautiful video (watch it more than once) and Alec Muffet reflects on, well, life and how to live it.

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June 23, 2004
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