It was bright today, very bright, and I did a Nasturtium follow-up but spent time too with some journeyman roses.

Those nasturtiumleaves were pretty all right but I felt I wasn’t showing enough respect to those friendly and edible blossoms, so here goes.

Nasturtium blossom
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Nasturtium blossom

Out in the front yards are some miscellaneous roses that don’t have the elegant hybrid-tea convolutions in the blossoms, they basically just stick the petals out in all directions. I have a soft spot for yellow roses, this is called Goldstern and it’s not prolific but on a sunny day it’ll make you smile every time. The pink thing is called Morning Mist, it’s a recent arrival and is struggling a bit to get established; its underdone blossoms are faintly but very beautifully scented and I think it will become a favorite given some more time and encouragement.

Golden Sparkles rose
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Morning Mist rose

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