A few days back, Jeff Dillon pointed out that on the face of it, Google and its ilk are violating the spirit of the GPL. Obvious once you read it. Man-Ching Wong is griping too, but in a mild way about pulling a customer-support shift on the weekend. It’s obvious that a company like Sun must have a ton of people like MC, but this is the first exposure I’ve had, it’s a different world. On the Solaris front, we have Eric Schrock showing cool Solaris tricks that I would have killed for back in my integration-geek days; how the hell do they do that? Then you might’ve heard something about Solaris and Open Source? On that subject Andy Tucker is da man (well, one of ’em anyhow) and he’s wrestling with what Solaris OSS means, don’t miss it. Finally, Norm Walsh has a lovely photo-essay; and if the pictures aren’t enough for you, start poking around a little bit in Norm’s site and read how he does it, maybe you think you’ve ever done deep metadata? Norm’s way ahead of you.

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