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· · 2004
· · · June
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Nasturtiumleaves · There’s a hang­ing pot on the back porch with a thriv­ing nas­tur­tium. I had a close look ...
Sunbeams, Rare Goats Edition · First up, a cou­ple of posts on SunRays, from Josh Si­mons and John Clin­gan. They are in­deed pret­ty neat, al­though when, ear­li­er this week, I was at SunLabs in Mas­sachuset­s, it took the lit­tle grey guy a cou­ple of min­utes to find my Sun desk­top which lives in San­ta Clara and ren­der it the first time; but then it was fine and snap­py. Danese Coop­er has a straight­for­ward ex­pla­na­tion of why CEOs prob­a­bly aren’t go­ing to be blog­ging any time soon. On an­oth­er note en­tire­ly, Jim Wal­do writes about the im­pe­dence mis­match be­tween how en­gi­neers view the world and how the world views en­gi­neer­s. And just to get out of geek mod­e, Richard Elling has notes on the word “war” and nice pic­tures of rare goats that he res­cued.
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