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On Custom Schemas · Not so long ago, I wrote a piece about open doc­u­ment for­mats. Just to­day there was an in­ter­est­ing (as al­ways) follow-up from Jon Udell, but what I want­ed to ad­dress here is Dare Obasanjo’s take, which is pret­ty well the Mi­crosoft par­ty line (not that Dare’s al­ways a party-line guy): the Of­fice soft­ware and its doc­u­ment for­mats are win­ners be­cause they al­low the use of cus­tom schemas for of­fice doc­u­ments. That’s more im­por­tan­t, they say, than the dodgy li­cens­ing terms and the miss­ing pieces. I used to be­lieve that cus­tom schemas for of­fice doc­u­ments were gen­er­al­ly a good idea, but I no longer do. Here’s why ...
A Really Satisfying Feeling · Go­ing through a bunch of source-code files and and, one by one, re­mov­ing the dozens of “print” state­ments that let you fo­cus in tighter and tighter and tighter on a re­al­ly ob­scure prob­lem un­til you could fi­nal­ly see it. De­bug­gers are OK, but when the go­ing gets tough, the tough use “print”.
Spolsky Drops the Big One · Joel Spol­sky post­ed an as­tound­ing es­say a few days ago that I some­how missed. I don’t agree with ev­ery para­graph, but ev­ery para­graph is worth read­ing. If I may pick one mi­nor point out for a bit of spe­cial high­light­ing: We’ve had good full-text search tech­nol­o­gy since the Seven­ties, and in the last ten years more or less ev­ery­body has be­come a reg­u­lar us­er of full-text search. Why isn’t there good built-in full-text desk­top search avail­able right now to­day on both OS X and Win­dows, out of the box? (Most of the ar­ti­cle isn’t about search, most of it’s about why the Win­dows API is dy­ing on the vine; don’t miss it.)
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