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Sunbeams, June 16 · Simon Phipps’ FISL: In Translation is an elegant argument for expanding your language repertoire and your mind, Rich Berlin has a nifty little piece about bass vibrato and Google and Richard Giles writes on how his new self-publishing podium has opened some doors for him. Ron Ten-Hove gives us a small, densely-written essay about metadata in the Web Services context. Brian Cantrill’s remarkable opening outing dives deep, with a metaphorical side-trip through cerebral malaria, into dtrace, which is causing some heavy heartbeats among kernel-weenies. On a lighter note, our GNU Desktop Mechanic pens an ode to Bloomsday from Denver, Dave Edmondson gives his car an enterprise-class audio upgrade (you have to see this to believe it), and Scott Hudson takes home a Star Destroyer. (No, ongoing is not going to turn into BoingBoing, I miss writing the longer bits and will again, it’s just that between coding furiously on the Zeppelin and den-mothering the Sunblogfloggers well I’m busy.)
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