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Atom News · Yes, there will be an Atom IETF Work­ing Group. No, there is no “standards war” ...
Sunbeams, June 10 · I’ve sub­scribed the ag­gre­gat­ed feed over at Plan­et Sun, most­ly in cu­rios­i­ty at how this ex­per­i­ment turns out. Since we’re now some­where around 300 con­trib­u­tors and grow­ing fast, I won’t be able to keep up down the road; but at the mo­ment I do see a lot of in­ter­est­ing stuff go by, and what I’ll do is ag­gre­gate the bits that catch my eye ev­ery lit­tle while here un­der the la­bel Sun­beams. Today’s take in­cludes Moazam Ra­ja on Om­ni­scient De­bug­ging (I’ve sub­scribed to Moazam sep­a­rate­ly, he’s es­sen­tial), Hung-Sheng Tsao on all sorts of geeky sysad­min stuff, Frank Lagorio’s scorch­ing smack­down of mar­ket­ing in Sarbanes-Oxley space, Ron Ten-Hove on JBI (the programmer’s-eye view in­to Web Ser­vices), Josh Simons’ adorable al­bi­no squir­rel (I’m not kid­ding, check it out­), and fi­nal­ly MCWong’s must-read guide to Kopi in Sin­ga­pore.
Supernova · I ac­cept­ed Kevin Werbach’s kind in­vi­ta­tion to his Su­per­no­va con­fer­ence lat­er this mon­th; I’ll be on the Syn­di­ca­tion Na­tion pan­el with Sifry, Boutin, and Houri­han. While I was Antarc­ti­ca full-time, I got out of the con­fer­enc­ing world, and that world has gone through some pret­ty se­vere changes; I won­der if I’ll still like it? Nor­mal­ly at these things I spend the whole time in the hall­way gos­sip­ing, but there are some ses­sions that look like they could be hot.
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