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Canadian Election · We’re having an election up here in Canada right now. K5 has a decent write-up; herewith some more, trying to give a flavor for the thing ...
It’s the Libraries, Stupid · Via Jeff Dillon, some insightful words on programming in Java and in the C#/.NET/Mono ecosystem. I hadn’t thought about it that way.
15 Science Street · Rue de la Science to be exact, in Brussels; a nondescript address in the endless sprawl of European Union infrastructure. What happened was, a few days before I started at Sun on March 15, they called up and said “Would you like to go to Brussels for a March 23 presentation on XML Office Document Formats?” OpenOffice.org vs. Microsoft, naturally ...
The Summer ’04 Look · Herewith a new look for ongoing. Smaller, sleeker, chic-er, suitable for those who run their browsers less than 800 pixels wide (but why would you want to do that?), the content column may get uncomfortably bulgy in Internet Explorer, but that’s only about half the visitors here and after all there is a solution. I feel some angst because of my unreconstructed white background, all my coolio ace-pro designer heroes have advanced boldly into exquisitely-pale pastels in one delicate flavor or another. Bah, less is more. A request; take a look at the Serif style, it’s how I look at this thing and it’s now the default for first-time visitors.
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