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Cuban on Sweat · Via Mark Cuban, some very wise remarks about how to build a business from scratch, and why you should avoid taking VC money if you possibly can. [PS: I’m not going to turn ongoing into a collection of pointers to other Web stuff, this is just a coincidence, partly due to the fact that I’m hovering over the aggregate PlanetSun feed to see how this experiment goes, and I keep seeing interesting things go by.]
Predictable · Per Godwin’s Law, the syndication technology debate is over. Good enough, it was getting kind of lame.
GC Bible · Via Moazam Raja, a pointer to the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth on Java garbage collection. This will be interesting to only 1% of even the hardest-core geeks, but for those people it will be real interesting. My current skunkworks is called Project Zeppelin, and I just know that I’m going to need to know this stuff. Moazam has more goodies—his own, nothing you can find at docs.sun.com—here.
Korn on Accessibility · Accessibility technology is way more important than most people realize (hint: is your eyesight getting better or worse, year by year?) and there’s a lot of it and it’s hard to stay on top of. Peter Korn has a terrific snapshot of some of the hot stuff in that space; worth a read.
Rome · I see announcements both chez P@ and from Tucu about Rome, which, by its description sounds like the equivalent of Mark Pilgrim’s pythonoid Universal Feed Parser for those in Java-land. A lot younger of course and I bet they’ll have some fun dealing with the variegated realities of RSS As She Are Spoke out there in the big bad Internet, but these are smart guys so I’m optimistic.
Seat Guru · From the last surviving email newsletter I still read, David Strom’s Web Informant, comes this piece on airline seat selection, which points to SeatGuru.com. Wow, what a terrific piece of work.
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