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Cuban on Sweat · Via Mark Cuban, some very wise re­marks about how to build a busi­ness from scratch, and why you should avoid tak­ing VC mon­ey if you pos­si­bly can. [PS: I’m not go­ing to turn on­go­ing in­to a col­lec­tion of point­ers to oth­er Web stuff, this is just a co­in­ci­dence, part­ly due to the fact that I’m hov­er­ing over the ag­gre­gate Plan­etSun feed to see how this ex­per­i­ment goes, and I keep see­ing in­ter­est­ing things go by.]
Predictable · Per Godwin’s Law, the syn­di­ca­tion tech­nol­o­gy de­bate is over. Good enough, it was get­ting kind of lame.
GC Bible · Via Moazam Ra­ja, a point­er to the truth, the whole truth, and noth­ing but the truth on Ja­va garbage col­lec­tion. This will be in­ter­est­ing to on­ly 1% of even the hardest-core geek­s, but for those peo­ple it will be re­al in­ter­est­ing. My cur­rent skunkworks is called Pro­ject Zep­pelin, and I just know that I’m go­ing to need to know this stuff. Moazam has more goodies—his own, noth­ing you can find at docs.sun.com—here.
Korn on Accessibility · Ac­ces­si­bil­i­ty tech­nol­o­gy is way more im­por­tant than most peo­ple re­al­ize (hin­t: is your eye­sight get­ting bet­ter or worse, year by year?) and there’s a lot of it and it’s hard to stay on top of. Peter Korn has a ter­rif­ic snap­shot of some of the hot stuff in that space; worth a read.
Rome · I see an­nounce­ments both chez P@ and from Tu­cu about Rome, which, by its de­scrip­tion sounds like the equiv­a­lent of Mark Pilgrim’s pythonoid Univer­sal Feed Pars­er for those in Java-land. A lot younger of course and I bet they’ll have some fun deal­ing with the var­ie­gat­ed re­al­i­ties of RSS As She Are Spoke out there in the big bad In­ter­net, but these are smart guys so I’m op­ti­mistic.
Seat Guru · From the last sur­viv­ing email newslet­ter I still read, David Strom’s Web In­for­mant, comes this piece on air­line seat se­lec­tion, which points to SeatGu­ru.­com. Wow, what a ter­rif­ic piece of work.
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