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Keith and Angle Brackets · This, by Dave Walk­er, shows up fif­teen mes­sages or so in­to the com­ments on a Dive Win­er piece, and I can’t link to it di­rect­ly (noth­ing pur­ple) [Up­date: yes there is, and I can], but it’s way too good to pass up: When the world end­s, the on­ly things left will be cock­roach­es, rat­s, Kei­th Richard­s, and man­gled text that has been es­caped one-too-many or one-too-few times.
Tim Does Owl for Kiwis · I sub­scribe to a feed over at PubSub to see who’s talk­ing about me. Oc­ca­sion­al­ly, it turns up a sur­prise. I’ve known about this oth­er Mr. B. for some years, and fig­ured it was time I gave him a hand be­cause the poor guy is severe­ly hand­i­capped in get­ting no­ticed on­line. I’ve al­ways loved The Owl and the Pussy­cat (run­ci­ble spoon, any­one?) and I’d take the kid in a flash if we were go­ing to be near Auck­land in Ju­ly. If you are and have a kid to take, do so and post a re­view.
Purple Pilcrows · When ev­ery­one from Lau­ren to Aaron Swartz is whin­ing at me to make the #-marks go away, I have to lis­ten. I’ve adapt­ed Si­mon Willison’s bril­liant hack, and a cou­ple of re­marks are worth mak­ing ...
Flowers for San Francisco · There are quite a few peo­ple drop­ping by on­go­ing to­day on ac­count of the ar­ti­cle in the Chron­i­cle about ad­ver­tis­ing. Among oth­er things, it says I run lots of flow­er pic­tures, on­ly I haven’t for a while, so here are some ...
SOA Talk · I’m lis­ten­ing to Steve Gill­mor, Doc Searl­s, Jon Udel­l, Dana Gard­ner, and Dan Far­ber talk about SOA via “The Gill­mor Gang” at ITCon­ver­sa­tions. Here­with some ob­ser­va­tions on the form and con­tent ...
James Surowiecki · This gen­tle­man writes reg­u­lar­ly in The New York­er on is­sues of busi­ness and eco­nomic­s, and is one of the rea­sons I reg­u­lar­ly buy that mag­a­zine. To­day he’s got a fas­ci­nat­ing es­say in Wired on col­lec­tive cor­po­rate wis­dom. Seems to me that there’s a good case to be made that the com­pa­nies who fig­ure out how to put this to work are the ones that are go­ing to win.
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