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Moneyball · I sus­pect I’m one of on­ly 100 lit­er­ate base­ball fans in the world who hadn’t al­ready read Michael Lewis’ Money­ball, but now I have, and if you’re one of the oth­er 99, you should too. A few words on the book and on books and Lewis and the A’s and or­thog­ra­phy and all that ...
Tribal Eyes · I spent some time this week at a meet­ing of Sun’s Distin­guished Engi­neer­s; to be­come a DE you have to go through a lengthy pro­cess in­clud­ing peer re­view. I’m not a DE, I was there to give a speech on Com­mu­ni­ca­tion, my first out­ing on that sub­jec­t. It’s an im­pres­sive group; there were lots of tech­ni­cal con­ver­sa­tions (on IPv6, pro­cess mod­el­ing, mo­bile ob­ject­s) where I was strug­gling to un­der­stand the ba­sics let alone the de­tail­s. Any­how, I’ve al­ready writ­ten here that I think people’s faces re­flect the lan­guage they speak. Along sim­i­lar lines, as I looked at all these very se­nior engineers’ faces, I was struck by a par­tic­u­lar look in their eye­s. I don’t seem to have a good vo­cab­u­lary to de­scribe it, but “stillness” and “coolness” come to mind. It wasn’t sub­tle. They are the eye­s, I think, of peo­ple who lis­ten in­tense­ly.
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