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iChat AV Irritation · So, I can video-chat to Simon Phipps in his place in Southampton, England just fine. Steve Gillmor can video-chat to Simon too. But Steve and I can’t video-chat to each other. ConnectionDoctor says Steve’s not responding to my UDP packets. NatCheck says nothing’s wrong. I turned off my firewall, but I’m sitting behind a DSL modem and a D-Link router that may be screwing things up. Mark me puzzled. [Update: Flip Russell, who’s been around this track, writes to tell me that here and there around the Internet are routers that just don’t route UDP, and that if one of those is between you and whoever you’re trying to iChat with, audio/video just isn’t going to happen, and there’s probably nothing you can do about it.]
Sean++ · Sean McGrath speaks wisdom about Transactions and SOA. Anyone who’s trying to find their way through the WS-Confusion would do well to pay regular attention to Sean. Among other things, he does large SOA deployments for a living; we’re talking practice not theory.
Another Year’s Harvest · There’s a general air of gathering expectation around the house; Lauren chairs the big annual XML conference and this weekend is the closing date for paper submissions. She keeps vanishing behind the nearest computer to check the inbox, and coming back with a smile. Then the assembly-line takes over: reviewer assignments, reviewer chivvying, paper selection, and then it’s getting into logistics time. If you’ve never been to one of these, you should go; you can get deeper into the deep XML issues in a couple hours in the hotel bar than in a week of seminars anywhere else. And if you’re doing something red-hot and exciting with XML that the world needs to hear about, it’s (barely) not too late to put virtual pen to virtual paper.
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