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Atom Community Meeting · We’re going to have an Atom Community Meeting June 2nd at Sun’s Silicon-Valley offices. It’s widely known that Sam Ruby (with some help from me) has been trying to find Atom a home over in the IETF. I’m personally optimistic that that’ll work, but even if it does, the next time we could get the Atom community in a room would be at the August IETF, and it’s been a while; I’ve never been to an Atom meeting, myself. Check out the meeting and come if you want to contribute. Read on for a quick note on my position, and Sun’s, vis-a-vis Atom ...
Lauren · The estimable Dr. Wood now finds herself to be an occasional blogger; see, I evangelize at home as well as at work. Hmm... this thing’s coming off an old P300 Debian box behind a DSL line in the basement, let’s hope to goodness she doesn’t get slashdotted. Quicktime videos are right out.
Vive les Masturbateurs · I can’t say I’m on board with the message, but you gotta love the title. Someone translate this one for Dave Winer, he’ll like it (seriously, not kidding). [Update: Didier Barbas did.] And while on the subject of good names, the tortoise’s blogroll has a pointer to something called Une rondelle de saucisson et l'addition; I can relate to that.
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