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Early 2004 Browser Market · Pre­vi­ous­ly I’ve post­ed graphs of the mar­ket shares among the browsers vis­it­ing on­go­ing, but I’ll skip the graph­ics this time be­cause there’s no dis­cernible move­men­t. So far in 2004, the av­er­ages are 53% IE, 32% Mozil­la fam­i­ly, 12.5% Sa­far­i, 2% Oper­a, they move up and down around that but not in any per­sis­tent di­rec­tion. Go fig­ure.
High-End iChat · I should con­fess that I am the worst kind of ob­ses­sive high-end au­dio wee­nie. For­tu­nate­ly, it’s my on­ly re­al­ly ex­pen­sive hob­by; I dis­tinct­ly pre­fer beer to cham­pag­ne. Any­how, this cre­ates a prob­lem: when you up­grade your sys­tem to get bet­ter sound, what do you do with the old stuff? High-end gear tends to last more or less forever, and un­like com­put­er­s, is usu­al­ly 80% as good as what you re­place it with. So, I’ve used some of that stuff to cob­ble to­geth­er a home-office sys­tem. I’m tak­ing the au­dio feed out of my Pow­erBook via USB to a (now ap­par­ent­ly dis­con­tin­ued, sigh) Stereo-Link D/A con­vert­er, then through very de­cent Linn in­ter­con­nects to an all-tube (and very beau­ti­ful) Cary Au­dio De­sign “Rocket 88” pow­er am­p, driv­ing a pair of the orig­i­nal Totem “Model One” speak­ers (a dozen years old now). You can bet that I’m hap­py that iTunes now in­cludes a loss­less mu­sic en­coder; I’m go­ing to have to go back and junk all the ex­ist­ing MP3s I’ve ripped and grab ’em again. Any­how, I just had my first au­dio iChat talk since I got this wired up, with Paul Hoff­man, on the sub­ject of Atom and the IETF. It was as­tound­ing, re­mark­able, un­like any mere “telephone” ex­pe­ri­ence. Had I shut my eyes and you’d told me that Paul was sit­ting across the desk, I would have be­lieved you.
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