More botanical shots: one from California, one from Siberia, and one weed.

I’m pretty sure these are Siberian Squill (or Scilla); the word is you should treat them as a noxious weed, but they sure are pretty scattered around the flowerbeds.

Siberian Scilla

Below is just some shrubbery from Sun’s Menlo Park campus, which is awfully nice if diabolically confusing to the bemused newbie.

Californian leaves

When the critters below grow in my own garden, I break out the WMDs, but I’m not above appreciating them in someone else’s. A bit of a sad story here; up until two summers go, this was the best garden on our street, owned by a grouchy old guy who would snarl at you when you complimented his tulips. He wasn’t that old but suddenly someone else is living there, and they’re letting the dandelions go wild where once were tulips.


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