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RSS Stock Ticker · I’ve said more than once that I’d like an RSS feed for my stock market portfolio. I even cobbled one together a few months ago, but I lost it somehow in the laptop-to-laptop transition. Now Walter Higgins emails me: “prompted by your post last june on rss stock tickers, and being a dabbler in stocks and rss myself, I’ve been maintaining a feed that monitors stocks and portfolios. e.g. this will display current values for sun, microsoft and oracle while this will return a rss feed for a portfolio of 1000 shares of sun, 200 of microsoft and 500 shares of oracle. This feed includes a total portfolio value. This ticker feed is responsible for most of my site traffic.” [Update: Someone identifying himself only as “Mick” writes in to tell me about the recently-arrived RSSQuotes.com, which claims to offer real-time quotes. Doing that for free is a neat trick... I wonder about the business model, but the site is information-free about who they are.]
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